My First Daddy – Last Appointment

Hello and welcome back for another my first daddy update. In this brand new video, we have for you a pair that is going to make all your dreams come to life. These two guys met each other at the gym. The younger guy is a fitness instructor and the older guy wanted someone to train him because he really wants to get into a better shape. It was instant chemistry and you’ll see what this means for our video. We hope that you’re ready to be amazed because only here you can enjoy this younger guy ridding hardcore this huge daddy dick! 

As our cameras start to roll you’ll see that our guys are already pretty engaged into a hardcore action. The clothes are gone and you all can enjoy their naughty bodies. The younger guy wants to show off his skills in front of his daddy and because of that, he is going to do all the work. He just wants to impress his partner. He is going to start by riding his cock hardcore and be sure that his daddy is not going to get his release very soon. He is going to be fucked by a very naughty dude and his pleasure is going to be awesome.  Just make sure to take your time with these two because they are not going to disappoint. Stay tuned for another hot update very soon and enjoy it! Bye bye!


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