My First Daddy – More Than Pose

Welcome back to another hot my first daddy update featuring your hottest daddies in the business. As usual we have prepared a special scene for you guys, with one of our hottest daddy and his favorite sex partner. You can only imagine how hard it is to find someone at a certain age to love the same things you do, but luckily these two found each other and from the looks of it they sure love fucking each others butthole. They met at this cooking class last year and started to get to know each other better. They have this chemistry between then that so hard to find in other couples. Although there is a age difference between them, that didn’t stop them for have the best time ever with each other.

They sent us this scene to see how good they are in the sack and after checking out the entire gallery I must say they really are right about it. They just can’t get enough of each others cock in their mouths or deep inside their asses. If you liked playful daddies you must visit for more hot mature gay couples! Until next time, we hope you really enjoyed this scene because we sure did. Enjoy!

my first daddy more than pose

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