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Peter Moorr

Check out the following my first daddy video update, to see a really nasty blow job here. You are going to have a great time watching these two guys in action, one of them relaxing down on his back, while the other one got down on his knees. He grabbed that monster tool between his palms and he started to jerk it off with a lot of passion. You got to see the whole scene, just to make sure that you won’t miss a single second of this fantastic hammering and I promise you that it’s totally worth watching.

You are going to see that these guys will start a really messy action around here so have fun and watch them in action. You got to see how they started to make out, and you got to see how hungry it was this guy down. He took that monster tool and he shoved it entirely into his mouth, working on it with a lot of passion and eagerness. You got to see the whole thing, cause there are some uncut scenes that you will simply adore! There is a huge creamy cum load that is going to be spread all over this one’s face! If you liked this video check out the blog and watch another horny gay guy in action! See you soon!


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My First Daddy – More Than Pose

Welcome back to another hot my first daddy update featuring your hottest daddies in the business. As usual we have prepared a special scene for you guys, with one of our hottest daddy and his favorite sex partner. You can only imagine how hard it is to find someone at a certain age to love the same things you do, but luckily these two found each other and from the looks of it they sure love fucking each others butthole. They met at this cooking class last year and started to get to know each other better. They have this chemistry between then that so hard to find in other couples. Although there is a age difference between them, that didn’t stop them for have the best time ever with each other.

They sent us this scene to see how good they are in the sack and after checking out the entire gallery I must say they really are right about it. They just can’t get enough of each others cock in their mouths or deep inside their asses. If you liked playful daddies you must visit for more hot mature gay couples! Until next time, we hope you really enjoyed this scene because we sure did. Enjoy!

my first daddy more than pose

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Two Hunky Bears

Hello! We welcome you back to the last update from my first daddy of this week. We hope that you’ve enjoyed every video that we’ve posted. You know that only here you’ll see the best daddies and that our guys are to die for. Don’t be sad because we are going to be back very soon. Also, if you haven’t seen all of our videos until now, just scroll down and up the page and make sure to check every video because every update is special and have a lot of fucking scenes for you. Let’s take a look at this daddy getting his ass hammered today and let’s all enjoy just how much he loves to be fucked in that tight ass of him hardcore style.

As our my first daddy cameras are going to start rolling we know that you’re going to start getting curious. This scene is going to start in a very interesting way, making all more mysterious and sexy and if you want to see what it is, just click on the play button. They are going to start to fuckin really earlier because you’ll see that both of the love to receive cock into that big ass of them. They are going to fuck until both of them are going to climax! Stay tuned for our next update and don’t forget to check our site because we’re going to be back. See you soon. Bye bye!


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My First Daddy – Fuck Me

In today’s my first daddy update, we have to show you something really dirty and hot. If you want to see what are we talking about just click on the play button from the screen and make sure that you have enough time to enjoy this video at it fullest because you’re not going to regret it. We know that you are used by now with our daddies, but today’s pair is going to amaze you with their skills. They are really old friends and they’ve always fucked one another really well. Enjoy seeing this daddy getting his ass pounded and make sure that you’re going to watch it until the end because you don’t want to miss not even a second from this one!

As our cameras start to roll you’ll see that these guys are already naked, laying in bed and caressing one another’s bodies. They are really in the mood for a great fuck but first, they must be sure that their cocks going to be really hard and prepared for an awesome fuck. These two know only one way of fucking and this is the hardcore way. Make sure that you are ready to see the craziest position and lots of stuff that you’ll want to try with your partner too. We assure you that this video is going to be really hot! Enjoy it and stay tuned for more updates very soon. See you all! Bye!



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Too Big For Some

We have for you a brand new my first daddy video update that you can enjoy it only here only by clicking on that big play button on the screen! For today’s update, we bring in front of you a pair that is going to show you guys an impressive and amazing fuck, one like you’ve never seen until now. This naughty daddy is going to get down and dirty on his younger friend and trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to miss this scene. Be comfortable and let’s enjoy this old daddy sucking a fat big dick! 

In this my first daddy video your imagination is going to run wild and we are sure that all your dirty dreams are going to come to life. This daddy is a master when it comes to oral sex, so make sure to watch this video until the end because you do have a lot to learn from him. You’re going to enjoy the whole action live, and we are sure that you’re going to be impressed by how our daddy is going to swallow all this dick and deepthroating this guy until he comes into his mouth! And this is not the only thing that you can expect from our naughty daddy! Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more because we do have for you some surprises left. See you all in our next update! bye bye!


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My First Daddy – Contacting Berker

Hello! On today’s my first daddy update, we have for you a young man that is going to give this naughty daddy a night that he is going to forget very soon. All you have to do for enjoying this video is to click on that big play button on the screen and to make sure that you’re going to watch it until the end. This younger guy wanted to get a better grade at math but he knew that he could not pull off such a job. So he asked his perverted teacher what he can do for a grande and told him that he would do anything. And his teacher invited him to give him an amazing hand and blowjob if he wants a better grade.

As our cameras start to roll you’ll see them on the couch. Our daddy has already taken off his pants, letting out his huge naughty cock. He loves to receive such a treatment from his students and we assure you that if he is content our guy is going to receive an amazing grade at math. Our guy starts off this scene by taking the problem into his big hands, stroking it slowly and making our daddy moan in pleasure. After that, the stroking is going to be more hardcore and he is going to make him cum after he had his fun. Just enjoy this video and we’ll see you all soon.  Bye bye!




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Tony Darimma Gets Fucked

Hello! You know that today is?! Today is the perfect day for you to enjoy a brand new update from my first daddy. Don’t forget that we post every day and that you get to enjoy daily our nasty daddies putting their best skills in front of our cameras. For today’s update, we invite you to take your time and to enjoy a younger nasty guy sucking off this huge dick!  He is going to hill he mouth with this big cock that’s in front of him and if you are curious about what is going to happen next, then please click on that play button on the screen and make yourself comfortable.

As you all know my first daddy is the perfect place for you all to come and to enjoy nasty daddies fucking all day.  For today we wanted to make something more special and to let this daddy rest for a while, so we have for him a little surprise. This little surprise is a brunette young man, very handsome and sexy and he is going to get down on his knees and he is going to start licking that huge cock with pleasure, making sure to go from top to bottom, after that from bottom to top and he is going to finish a small part of his number with some deep throating that is going to make you all wet. Stay tuned for more! Bye bye!


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My First Daddy – Aphrodisiac Recipe

Hello! It is a brand new day and this means that we have for you a brand new my first daddy update that is perfect for this beautiful evening! You are going to watch an impressive scene and we assure you that these two horny daddies are going to make all your blood boil and after this video be sure that the air in your room is going to be slightly elevated. For today’s update, we invite you to make yourself comfortable and to take your time seeing this naughty and sexy daddy fucking hardcore an old and dear friend! 

As our cameras start to roll you’ll see that our naughty boys are already naked and ready for some hardcore action. They just can not wait to start fucking because they’ve missed each other so much. This video is going to start with one of the daddies getting on his knees and starting to play with his partner cock, making it all nice and ready for fucking. He just loves to suck cocks as you can see and his skills are something that you need to see! After that, he is going to shove that big fat cock inside his ass and his partner is going to stop only after he gets his release all over his partner’s back. We hope that you are going to like this update. We’ll see you all soon and stay tuned for more! Bye bye!


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Remembering Santiago

Hello and welcome back! We are glad to see you all again because there is a fresh new update from my first daddy porn video. We assure you that you guys are going to have so much fun watching it, just make sure to click that big play button on the screen. For today we have for you a pair that is going to fuck really hard. Is going to be the best fucking scenes that you’ve seen so far and we’re sure that you’re going to adore them and their big cocks. Let’s all take our time to enjoy this younger guy getting fucked by our daddy and really enjoying himself.

As our cameras start to roll you’ll see that these two are in the mood for some dirty and naughty action. After seeing these two together you are going to be really fired up and we are sure that you’re going to dream only of them tonight. Don’t be shy and make sure that you’re being comfortable while watching this brand new video. They are going to enjoy every inch of their hard and big cocks and are going to fuck one another until both of them are going to reach climax. They are well known for their huge cocks and you’ll see it too in just a minute. Stay tuned for more updates very soon and we’ll see you in our next update. Bye bye!


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My First Daddy – Luiggi Wants Revenge

Hello and welcome back to another hot to the boot update from my first daddy porn videos! We have a very special update for you all to enjoy and we hope that you are going to take your time to see this video until the end! In this update, we bring in front of you a pair that has a lot of history together and this is their first time getting together after some years. Do take your time to enjoy this brand new update that we prepared just for you all to enjoy and let’s see these two daddies banging their asses! 

These two daddies were together in their youth and because one of them had to move far away, they’re special bond had to stop. Now, they are back in the same town and they plan on getting revenge for all this time that they’ve lost. They are really eager to start their scene and let’s get those cameras rolling because what awaits you in this video had only happened in the most dirtier dreams of you. When they see themselves into the same room you’ll see that they are going to start kissing and caressing every inch of their bodies. Their pelvises are going to touch all the time and this only makes them more naughty. If you want to see more of these two make sure to click on that play button on the screen. Stay tuned! See you all soon!


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